We make eating EASIER

mealfit meals are now available in Birmingham, AL.

Healthy & Delicious

mealfit meals are always

  • ✔ Local
  • ✔ Fresh
  • ✔ Sustainable
  • ✔ Eco-Friendly

mealfit meals are free of:

  • ✖ Gluten, Soy, and Dairy
  • ✖ Processed Foods
  • ✖ Refined Sugars
  • ✖ Artificial Sweeteners


Place your order on our website by 12pm Sunday for Monday Pickup

Convenient Pickup

available every monday from 4pm-6pm

Heat & Eat

All meals are cooked-to-order and placed in microwave-safe containers, making it easy to heat up and eat at work, the gym, or during a busy day at home.

Delicious Meals Designed For All Of YOUR Goals Including:

Muscle Gain

Low Carb




Fat Loss


What our customers are saying

"My wife and I are on the go constantly for work, and with the addition of our first child our eating habits took an ugly turn. Grabbing whatever we could from fast food restaurants for lunch and dinner. mealfit was a saving grace for our family. The ability to pickup healthy and delicious meals was a life saver for us..."

Bubba D

mealfit customer

"Our family loves everything mealfit. As a mom of two small, active kids, mealfit Prep allowed us to have healthy meals all week long without sacrificing weekend play time with our little ones. The convenience of picking up healthy, prepared food and having portioned out in my refrigerator all week long is an absolute stress reliever - especially on those busy mornings when we are rushing out to door to get to school and work on time. And let me tell you how much I love mealfit meals- the ingredients are so fresh and the variety is just impossible to beat. Our family is making healthier choices every day and mealfit is a tremendous part of that!"

Elizabeth L

mealfit customer